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    Talking alright all you smart ones- IQ test 4u

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    scored average public servant intellect. Whatever that means LOL
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    ]I think it's a stupid test... Many of the questions are (possibly deliberately) ambigious.

    "Do they have a fourth-of-July in England?"
    YES, of COURSE they have a day which is the fourth of the month of July, but what about the HOLIDAY? For the former, yes, they do have a day which is the fourth. To the latter, no, I don't think so.

    "How many birthdays does the average man have?"
    How many birth-days as in recurring times, or how many birthdays as in lifetime total average of celebrations? It's either 1 or equal the life expectancy of the average man. (Which in turn is not specific enough, since IMO there are no reliable statistics for TOTAL GLOBAL average male life expectancy.)

    "Is it legal for a man in California to marry his widow's sister."
    Well, if his widow is a widow then he is dead. It isn't POSSIBLE for him to do that, but I don't think they have an *explicit* law against marrying a ghost.

    "How many animals of each sex did Moses take on the ark?"
    Moses? Uhm....

    Well, Noah took one of each sex of each animal, but in order to find out the total male or female animal counts we would need to know exactly how many different species he took with him. And this isn't even counting lifeforms which are asexual, hermaphroditic, or gender-bending frogs, etc. Furthermore, this assumes that the Ark story is true.

    Many of the other questions contain grammatical and/or spelling errors which could suggest that you are SUPPOSED to answer "Don't know" because the information is insufficient. How many 2c stamps are there in a dozen? Well, a dozen WHAT? If they want to get all nit-picky, they could claim you should choose "Don't know" because they haven't said if it was a dozen stamps or a dozen post offices.

    As for the how-long-will-the-pills-last question, they have to be more specific again. The pills can 'last', only they might be inside your stomach, thus giving any arbitrary time. Or they might refer (as common usage would suggest) to the EFFECT of the pills, in which case you might infer that it is 90 minutes, unless the two-per hour rate was intended to build up a large concentration of drug, rather than sustaining it for 1.5 hours at a constant level.
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    lol @ Terr

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    i got

    0 - 3 We hope you are very good looking

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    Terr, I feel the same way....

    How many outs in an inning[bold]s[/bold]
    It just throws you off to what to answer, but look at it this way Terr, it's a stupid .swf which was done by someone with obviously a lower IQ to miss so many mistakes!

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    plus the innings question wasn't fair on non-us peps
    /me had no idea what an inning was - wasn't for that i would have got 11
    but then i had heard them all b4 - lol
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    *chuckles* Terr.......why'd you rant? These questions are meant to be fun........

    And for the record, yes, I did get 11/11......I'm "Up there with Einstein".......

    Y'just have to have the right mindset.
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    I mis-interpereted a couple of the questions and got a 4-6

    I probably WAS dropped on my head... oh well.
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    I sucked. I got 0-4 hehe...

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