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Thread: online backups?

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    online backups?

    I have read alot about online system backups. I would like to get one of these. Do you know of a free, SECURE site would be that you can store backup files (windows files) to (without file sharing)?

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    im not sure of a place spacific for that, but you can get a webhosting account or a shell account and store things on there

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    I had a program earlier with SSL to a online storage area, dont remember the name though and it's aint that important since they wanted to get paid.. Anyway try google, I did a search and found almost to much .

    Freedrive used to offer some kind of space, but:

    Welcome to Xdrive Technologies
    The Internet Information Management CompanyTM
    Xdrive has acquired the businesses of FreeDrive. The migration is complete! Xdrive has transferred user profiles and user data from FreeDrive to Xdrive systems. In order to maintain data integrity, Xdrive has taken special care in performing the transfer.

    Xdrive will not continue the free services offered by FreeDrive. To obtain an account or learn more about Xdrive's online services
    Guess it's only to use Google a few minutes and see what you can find .

    Google Search #1
    Google Search #2

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    Ryan Nyquist, here are some places you might want to look at:




    Yahoo briefcase

    and the list goes on and on... however, you must keep in mind to have serious space, bandwidth and extra bells and whistles, most major carriers of space (that used to be free) now cost money. It just depends on what you want to store and how secure you want it.

    Google might also show you the way too. Good luck.

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    X drive sucks,
    way too expencive...

    and as for online backup...
    let me quote Linus Torvalds here..

    Only lamers use tape archive to back up their work.
    Real men have others mirror it all over the world.
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    Oh, you only have to mirror your data!
    /me stops writing OS'ses immidiately.
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    hmm i really wouldnt suggest to use the Internet for back up.. coz u will never know when that provider will go down.. tho i use shell accounts to save delicate informations.. coz i know if i save it in my PC people can easily find it.

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    Can always just use Alexa Internet - AKA Internet Archive. =)
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