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Thread: Internet Explorer problem

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    Internet Explorer problem

    hello everyone,

    i have a small problem.
    Whenever I shut down my computer, and when i turn in on again I can never open internet explorer right away, i dont know y its doing that. But i figured out - After i endtask a program "Msbb", my internet explorer starts working properly.. can u tell me wat the hell is that Msbb and how to bloody well get rid of it ? im not sure if it's a windows file or some other personal program ?


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    Dunno mairu. When I run IE (6,0, latest patches) my system (win2kpro) doesn't list that program. Have a look at microsoft.com, their technet is pretty extensive.
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    thanks , no problem

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    Apparently, it is some sort of spyware.

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    If your running windows 98 trying doing a msconfig and shutting down that file so it will not start when you reboot. If it is not under startup check your win.ini and system.ini

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    Perhaps strangely enough, when you search on Google, you get a rather interesting link that should tell you exactly what the problem is...

    \"Windows has detected that a gnat has farted in the general vicinity. You must reboot for changes to take affect. Reboot now?\"

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    you have dotnot software installed. you can remove the program from starting up when windows boot by refering to this:


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    I have the same problem when I'm on my WindowsME and I'm using the MSN Explorer browser. After about 5 minutes mine starts responding and all and it works perfectly, but as for a fix or anything I've not seen one.

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    thanks everrrrrrrrrrryone !

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    oh yes, i figured out this now - first of all, my windows is not 98, it's ME
    secondly, i couldnt find the spyware called dotNow in the add/remove list, now isn't that surprising ?

    i hope there are more solutions

    thank ya anyway

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