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Thread: Lovely hackin' book

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    Lovely hackin' book

    The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking
    by Ankit Fadia

    Hackers. That elusive class of computer criminals who break into systems, release viruses, and deface Web sites, right? Wrong! While such computer criminals have helped shape the typical definition of a hacker, not all hackers are out to wreak havoc. There are ethical hackers who crack a system for the sheer challenge of doing so-not to cause damage or destruction. In fact, they often lend a hand to system administrators by notifying them of the loopholes in their system. This book is much more than a guide to hacking. For anyone interested in finding out how your fail-safe system was cracked and how you can better protect yourself, this book is a must-read. It contains helpful resources that you can reference to better protect your system from becoming the victim of attacks. It also includes discussions on the nature of file encryption, firewalls, and viruses and shows how users can make their systems more secure.

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    Hmmmmm.. I'd wanna check that out. Where can I get it?

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    I have seen it at a couple of different book stores around here. Sure you can buy it at amazon.com also. I have a hard time buying a book by a guy that created a "hackers certificate" though. Haven't looked at it much, but the kid seems to be out for money and thats about it...
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    Ankit Fadia is a very good writer. Very knowledgable on many many different subjects. I'm on Ankits' mailing list to be informed of when there is another one out, hehe, good stuff.

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    i totally agree jehnx

    very good, strong knowledge, resembles me lol j/k
    yeah you get it at amazon.com JroC, see ya !

    iz me

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    A hacker certificate? lol

    god damn, talk about 'media-whoring'. But, the almighty dollar speaks to everyone. Some people would sell their soul for a $1, while someone else would sell their dead parrot for $1,000. (figure of speech; unless you starred in Dumb and Dumber)
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    Isn't that Ankit Fadia kid only 14? I think that is pretty damn amazing! He must be like on of those weird smart kids you see on the Oprah Winfrey Show that say "That's accurate" meaning 'yes' and "Negatory" meaning 'no'

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    I'm a wierd smart kid, or, so they think where I live, where the average IQ is less than that of a tank of goldfish!
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    right jethro, he's only 14, and he's a smart ass, completely, he knows quite much !

    iz me

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