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Thread: Star Wars: It was okay (minimal spoilers)

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    Thumbs up Star Wars: It was okay (minimal spoilers)

    Frist off, I'm amazed to find an almost complete lack of threads relating to star wars. There really has been a lot less hype for Ep2.

    Anyway, on with my Cynical Bastardô review of the film. Story-wise, it was definately much better than episode one, although much of the foreshadowing wasn't done very well (good foreshadowing needs to be more subtle, not something the drunk guy in the back can understand completely). One the plus side, those of you going for the eye-candy won't be disappointed. The battle scenes are quite impressive and extensive, and there is plenty of lightsabre action. The flying scenes also looked great.

    But just when you start to enjoy the movie, anakin opens his mouth. Some say you shouldn't critisize something unless you can do better, but in this case, probably just about anyone with a little acting experience could do better than him. His dialogue often comes out as sounding fake and insincere. Speaking of which, some of the dialogue was horrible. Watching the scenes with Amidala and Anakin is almost painful...they have absolutely no chemistry onscreen at all. I can't really think of an A&A scene that went well.

    That aside, the movie was decent. Although perhaps delivered poorly in some places, the plot was interesting, and the special effects and action sequences make me feel that I got my moneys worth out of my ticket (matinee)
    Spoiler: One neat thing is that I didn't quite know who I wanted to win during the final battle sequence, knowing that those clones would be used against the republic eventually
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    I liked it. Much better than 1 but not as good as the originals. I had tickets to the advanced screening and when I left the there were a bunch of star wars fanaticís camped out waiting for tickets. I was going to be a real ass hole and tell tell them the ending but then I realized that they most likely new every detail from the movie before theyíve even seen it.

    I agree with thesecretfire 100% the acting and dialog are simply horrible. Good thing you donít notice with all the special effects.

    I give this movie a 8 out of 10
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    I am going to see it tonight!
    I am planning on bringing my lightsaber, yunno, just to look cool!

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