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    anyone ever hear of Desire.exe? IT's running on a friend computer right now. He say's it prob'ly comes from a porn site.
    It is installed in c:/Program File/Dialers and starts with the computer...and Aadaware doesn't detect it.

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    I ran a search on Google. The following looks like it might be promising:


    If that doesn't give you the answer you need, here is the link to the search. You will probably find something else there. But be sure you have your security set to "high" in the event that some of the links take you to unscrupulous sites.


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    its not a virus.. its a dial-up overwritting program.. what it does it it asks you if you agree if their program over writes your dial-up info for your ISP and replace it with theirs.. as a result.. when u try to connect to the internet, your computer wont connect to your ISP but to the Porn Server..

    Unlimmited Porn Access

    Thats all u can access
    It would cost you more if its a long distance call
    You will loose your records of your previous ISP

    They wont charge you anything to see the porn.. they get their profits from your phone bill.

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    Thanks for the input.
    He's got msn as an isp... I didn't get get a message about dialup info when i connected... but it showed up as an active processs when i hit ctrl+alt+dlt
    I've deleted the folder. and that seems to solve the problem. would you like a copy of the .exe to look at? Or would it be useless?

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    looks like ur friend got BURNT
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    What Sonic said is correct but he forgot to mention that most of those dialing programs cost upwards of 5 dollars a minute no matter where you are, my brother was surfing porn and installed a dialer, his phone bill showed a connection lasting for 3 minutes that cost him over 20 dollars! He didnt screw up anything with his isp though =)
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