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    but to think of it... im not really sure what the Hacker's motive was.. was it to test the security of the agency, or to sell the information they stole.. i mean.. its been done before.. hackers steal imformation... sell them.. if they refuse to pay.. they post the credit records on a website.. again.. this is also one example on how much security is needed to be applied in your local servers...

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    My guess is that it was strictly for personal gain. As I said before, with the info contained in those credit files, they have virtually unlimited access to the financial resources of the victims. And the bad thing about it is that they may close the accounts on the credit report, and get new ones, but the hackers have all of that info, and you can't change your b-day, and it's easier to launch a space shuttle than to get your social security number changed, and most folks aren't going to have the option to run out and move. So now they are going to have to be on the constant look-out for people impersonating them.

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