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Thread: calling all elite hackers...

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    calling all elite hackers...

    Who here who considers themselves as experts in computer security? Are any of these people interested in moderating a hacking forum for a weekly fee? In the coming months a few of us UK hackers are opening a membership based hacking site and are looking for elite moderators to give our members value for money. Pay could be anything from $20-$200 a week depending on how much you can offer our community of members and how much time you have to help them by answering there questions.

    Anyone interested please post.

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    A newbie with greys offers a paying position...maybe I'm just tired but I don't understand how the scam is supposed to work...maybe you have to give him a bank account number to be paid?
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    Or maybe he will ask us to prove ourselves by teaching him to hack hotmail

    then run away after he learns : P
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    its for real, i have been working on paysite in the adult industry for a while now and decided to try a conversion into hacking. Like with adult paysite i have to pay for the pictures, videos and live feeds for content with these sites i have to pay for decent content to keep my members happy.

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    Obviously you can tell this guy's a fake since he's still in the "who and who's not 'elite'" phaze....
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    Ya on his profile under his name it says his current location is F**k off, that alone makes me think he is not serious.
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    Somre more details about the site. It will have everythig seen on hacking sites now including wargames, huge text archive, thousands of downloads all hosted on a dedicated server. The members free will be around $50 for a 6month-1 year membership or $100 for a lifetime membership. Webmaster refferals will be paid at around $10-$20 per reffered member.

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    Originally posted here by [WebCarnage]
    Obviously you can tell this guy's a fake since he's still in the "who and who's not 'elite'" phaze....
    That makes me fake? Why would i bother making this up? What do i have to gain? The site is expected for release in a few months and we think it gonna be big.

    See we could open up with just us moderating the foums but were not experts by any means and we think if people are going to pay to access our site that they should be offererd somthing not readily available on other sites, this being people who are paid just to help them with their problems.

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    Ok send me 100$ ahead and then we can talk... Moron!
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    I get 100 bucks for every thread I close....

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