Ok peps this forum is dying....its a sad fact but very true. We're just not generating enough new threads or posts to keep peps coming back on a regular basis - the same posts sit on our pages for months before they get pushed off!!!!

Now am not saying I think this forum should be filled with Junk (the way chit chat seems to b going) but we do need to generate some Action in here!

Now I've noticed that we have some very talented web-designers in this forum and alot of us are working on our own wee sites or projects with a few even doing it professionally which is brilliant. But imagine what we could ecomplish if we pulled together Now I'm not saying ditch your own projects! No way but instead why don't we pull on each others strengths to help improve our own pages!

Create a network of AO member pages with the portal constructed by the members! Kinda like the box.sk pages....all seperate sites in their own right but linked to each other......now am not saying that we should have links to each others pages everywhere like neworder etc but what about a common portal as a stepping point into our pages?? with a lil information about each webmaster....a description of his site etc??

Not only could this help to generate more traffic for each site but we could help each other to improve our sites and it if we used this forum as the base for our discussions it could become ALOT more active

We'll I'll leave the idea with u lot - give it some feed back to we see what everyone else thinks