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    Microsoft Security Tools

    Let me start by saying if this was previously posted I apologize in advance. Here are two Microsoft Security tools that I know many people are not aware of:

    Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer:
    Found Here
    This tool scans MS computers for security misconfigurations (none of us never let that happen). Works with NT 4, W2K, and XP. This will scan for IIS, Server, and IE, both GUI and command line interfaces.

    Found Here
    Originally written by Shavlik, HFNetChk runs as a command line interface and is run manually, but can be scripted. HFNetChk allows individuals with large (or small) networks to check the patches of their workstations, using a XML database via Microshaft.

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    cool! this should be used often.. hmm i should recomend these links to my school's Sys Admin....
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