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    AntiOnline Link

    I dont want to sound as lazy as Rioter (the suggestion whore!) but...

    there are links on top of the site that say Home/Forums/Anti......blah ..... i think those same links should go somewhere on the bottom of the page, because sometimes there are REALLY long posts with long replys and im TOOOOO lazy to scroll up to click home...

    So what if im lazy, thats what the internet is for, LAZY PEOPLE!

    Also i think you should ad a !Rules command to the bot in IRC

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    hmm...while we're talking about being lazy....it would be nice if you didn't have to go back to the home page to see who's on-line, your antipoints, or launch your budy list.
    Perhaps a 'member' pull down menu with the other links at the top...(and bottom?) of the page would save a considerable amount of energy?

    If you want to make God laugh....make plans.

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    /me likes how Faqt thinks hehe.....

    btw, LOVE the icon!

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