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    Knowledge Web: READ

    Talk about the six degrees of separation...

    The big-brained James Burke, renowned for the TV series Connections, is seeking volunteers to help build an interactive site that shows how everything is connected to, well, everything.
    Much like a six degrees of separation, author James Burke want to create a web site containing a little of knowledge. From that knowledge, you can link to other related knowledge, and so on and so on... He wants to show that all knowledge is somehow related to all other knowledge.

    Read the whole story here:

    Anyway, he is looking for programmers to help him set up this massive web site. Volunteers only...

    Sign up here:
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    This is a fascinating idea. I can't wait til they are up and running. It sounds like a great way to lose a few days at a time reading....lol.

    /me wishes I had programming skills.

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    it's an endless project, a dream.
    This guy is a dreamer or an idiot. perhaps a genius after all, but also a mad.
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    Wow! This sounds really cool. I can't wait to see what happens with it.

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