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    Few months ago I opened a website account with geocities, and on my website i uploaded a flash movie which i created, I havent' signed in for a few months and i forgot the password. And know, i can't get my flash movie. And i was wondering, if i know the directory it is in. Is it possible to download the flash movie.

    Please Please Help Thanks

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    Yeh... just do a "save link as" on another site and have it point to the URL where the swf is, and it'll download it.

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    If you put on that geocities page something like your email addy or your username
    that you used back then..Maybe in google you can search for that info??
    I know i can find my homepage by doing a search on my nickname.

    Also i know i can find my pages by some file names...Nobody else called the same file like i did!!

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    well i dont know if this will work on geocities, maybe it will ask for a PW but try putting ftp:// before the members.geocities/me/myfile.swf or whatever

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    If you just type in the addy of the flash movie into your browser


    then check your cache afterwards it should be in there
    or as jehnx said just create a webpage doesn't have to be online can be on your local machine with the code

    your movie

    then just right click on the link and choose save target as.

    hope that helps


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    Even easier -- if you can open the file from internet explorer (ie you still know where it is) open it, then go to your 'temporary internet files' (net cache) folder and copy it out...
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    can't you just try to get your password by using their lost password service? It shouldn't be a problem.

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    fiend is almost there, open that page, and play that movie completely, so that everything on that page downloads. Search your temporary internet files folder for *.swf files
    and you will get the movie, copy paste, you're done !

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    IMHO, this is probably the best option. Because I assume you don't want to have to do the Save Target As... for all your files. But if it's just the one file, then the Save Target As... is probably best.

    Originally posted here by Leviatan
    can't you just try to get your password by using their lost password service? It shouldn't be a problem.

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