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Thread: Sign up!

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    I like to use ColdFusion.....


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    Im on irc 24:7, but I only have time to chat on the weekends......


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    Unhappy Whoops

    Right heres the first update on whats going on...I had hoped to email (PM) everyone with it but got beaten by time >_<;
    Well that and I need sleep!!! lol but I wrote it out anyways so if you wanna pass it on (please do) just send them to this link!!

    Ok this is my first crack at an anouncment/update letter for the Antionline User Network Project, so please people be kind

    First off I would like to thank all of those who have already shown an intrest in the Network - with out your support I don't think it would have even gotten this far, for that you have my thanx as I really believe this is a worth-while endevour!
    But I would like to remind you all that recuitment ain't over yet - infact it never will be!!! so please direct people to the post or send out copies of this update to anyone you think maybe intrested....

    Ok now on to business.
    First item that needs to be addressed is ideas. We need them!!!
    We want your ideas as to how the site should look. Take a look at other sites you like, how are they layed out? What color schemes are used? What things caught your eye? What things did you hate? What things did you love? All those factors will help us to build a better picture of what kind of layout/color scheme we should be aiming for!
    If any site really jumps out at you layout wise make a note of the addy or bookmark it.

    That takes me onto my next point IRC.....hopefully everyone who wishes to get involved will have access to IRC - if you don't please email me (bassett2002@hotmail.com) or PM me (valhallen) through AO and we can make some other arrangment. For the rest of you I want to try and get a time organised in the next few days [yes I know its short notice but am afraid within the next 5 days I'll be only online up till 9pm (GMT) and no IRC.....uni won't allow it >_<; ] for us to meet in IRC and discuss such things as what sites we had seen we liked etc - everyone will get a chance then to put forward their sugestions for site layout and we will have a chance to talk them through.

    Now I'm aware that we are all in different time zones so if you could please PM or email me with what times would best suit you and I'll try and work it out from there (please state with what timezone you are in +GMT OR -GMT).

    Also durring IRC we can discuss what exactly we should be placing on the network.....is it just gonna be a glorified link page!?!? Or are we gonna make it something better? Something that not only looks damn impressive but serves a very worthwhile purpose!

    Well I promised myself I would keep this short and sweet - as much for my own sanity as yours! lol So I'll quite my rambling now....

    But please remember to spread the word and keep your eyes open whilst surfing! Or even if you just have a picture in your head....we don't need you to construct the whole site to give the rest of us an idea....just draw it as a .jpg or if you don't have graphic software knowledge get out a pen & paper and sketch it Hell just write a description of what you imagine, anything - I want as many ideas as possible people!
    Oh and please any thoughts/things I ain't covered here you think need atention - post them in web-development That measn that everyohne should be checking it as often as possible! Web-development does NOT show up on the main page peps so don't be relying on it to let you know if a new thread has been started - just keep a browser window open on the web-development forum and hit refresh everynow and then (or press & hold shift and hit refresh to make sure your browser searches for a new version of the page and doesn't just load it from your cache!!)

    Well thanx for listening and I'll run on now - see you on the boards and in IRC & I hope my ramblings havn't dampened your enthusiasm for this project!!!


    :::With thanx to:::
    System_Overlord, Greek Goddess, Jethro, Xmaddness, JRoc, Sick Dwarf, Rewandythal & everyone else who has replied to my posts on this subject.....I'd also like to thank all those who are reading this and havn't signed up yet - cause your going to now aren't you!
    /me growls >=)
    once again I'd like to appologise for not gettin this sent out to everyone but have been uber-busy trying to figure out travel plans for returning to england.......
    will email out the next update with a link here for anyone who misses this one!


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    I would love to help with this project.
    A newbie skill set, here goes:
    A bit of Javascript
    A bit of Flash
    Learning Java/PHP

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    Okay all.. we are having a meeting in IRC room #portal on wed/thurs at 2am GMT.

    We will be discussing the Portal project and geting some ideas..

    To check your time against the GMT go Here

    GMT = London, Lisbon, Dublin, Reykjavik, Casablanca

    Hope to see you all there..

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    • Director 7 (basic)
    • 3D studio (basic)
    • Dreamweaver (and other)
    • Graphic design in Photoshop (and other)
    • Basic html, css, js, vbs, perl
    • Knowledge about Apache and the different pieces behind managing a webserver on both win and *nix.

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    2.J Servlets/ASP
    3. Dreamweaver/JIMP (at times)/ FrontPage
    4. PSP 7/PS
    5. SWiSH 2.0/Flax

    Lets see where we all end up.
    Better Laugh At Your Own Problems..
    Coz...The World Laughs At Them

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    I'm up for PHP. Private message here in AO is welcome.

    I'm not VERY active on the forums, I mainly read, but if you need anything, I'm here.

    PHP, mysql, html basics (good old HTML 3.2).


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    ok - my skillset:

    Director 8.5 (lingo coding, shockwave, etc)
    ps/psp/most bitmap graphics apps
    3D studio Max
    A willingness to learn new things

    My passion is graphic design and/or origional artwork but I have also been coding for some time in various languages..
    Feel free to check out my site here.
    This sounds like it could be fun... I'll keep my eyes peeled for furthur threads..

    \"Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smooth,
    nor does lightning travel in a straight line.\" -Benoit Mandelbrot

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