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Thread: Need to replace box quick - suggestions

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    Need to replace box quick - suggestions

    A friend of mine just had her box get zapped last night. The thing's still alive but it has some damage (bad floppy drive controller and a CMOS chip problem as you get BIOS checksum error on startup). It's on borrowed time now and we need to replace it quick. She does graphics work so it has to be a pretty big box. Here's what we're looking at so far: http://www.sonystyle.com/vaio/popup/specs_rx670.pdf

    Thoughts, good bad and ugly needed

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    Ratman, when I click on the link, all I get is a blank PDF document....?

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    Originally posted here by debwalin
    Ratman, when I click on the link, all I get is a blank PDF document....?

    Works fine for me .

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    Ratman.. You say she is doing high intense graphics? If that is I would look into getting a newer style northwood p4 with a 512K cache. It'll really be able to put the graphics to work. Other than that it looks good. I would go with it for a quick alternative to a custom built system.

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    Depending what kind of graphics she does you may want to consider a Xeon workstation. You are talking anywhere from a minimum of 2 - 4 g's though! That or have her buy a mac...graphic people love macs!
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    i am currently buildning a new box also, so i've been keeping an eye on MB reviews.

    My money is on the Soyo P4i Fire Dragon. It is a socket 478. The board is loaded in every aspect.
    Downside: No USB 2.0
    BUT! It has 2 firewire (internal/external)

    My very respectable system runs $900 excluding keyboard/monitor (which i assume your friend has). P4 2.0gig, 120gig HD and and and and....

    hope that helped.

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