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    the Quantum Physics thing has indeed something to do with space and time (or place and speed) but that's like Neg said true for all physics... it's called general relativity
    first the field concept (Faraday) made it possible to develop the spacetime concept (Rieman) (Minkowski spacetime 4D) and the Special Theory of Relativity, then Einstein developed the equivalence principle in the General Theory of Relativity: A homogenous gravitationfield is local physical equivalent with a fictitious energyfield that finds his origination from a change in reference system. <-- that's what Negative is talking about. That's not Quantum Physics but GTR.

    The problem about the Quantum Theory is that nobody understands it (Richard Feynman 1964, Nobel prize winner Physics).

    There's no Quantum world there are only Quantum phenomena. You cannot interpret Quantum mechanics and put it in some theory that is free of contradictions but you can make some formalisms and models. (for instance the Shrödinger equatation)

    The contradictions are measurement problems, like xmaddness mentioned you cannot precisly measure speed, place and direction of the particles.

    -You can say that the system is complete described with the wavefunction but this is in contradiction with the hidden variables theory Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox (1933).
    -You can use a collapse like I mentioned but this is an ad hoc adjustment of the Schrödinger function. Then you have an evolution through a linear dynamical function.
    -Or you can say that measurements do have a fixed result (Goldstein 1998).
    However those three are all usefull but internal contradictive.

    So the freaky problem is that you have some empirical equivalent theories but no one can say wich one is true or even understand why they cannot explain their own mathematical models in theorethical concepts.

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    What is wrong with me ? Where did I went wrong ? I hear stories like hackers breaking into high security site, MS bugs discovered, buffer overflow, root exploits...but why am I not able to do such things ????
    LOL ok.. let me elaborate on WHERE DID U GO WRONG...

    1)You read about books and CDs about hacking... first of all.. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE LOGIC BEHIND ON WHAT YOU ARE READING?

    2) THERE IS NO SHORT CUTS IN HACKING... for what i gather.. u only copy the tricks and trades of "other" people by reading them hacking books.

    3) Do u actually have any skills? or u just copy people's works?!?! the people who discovered some programming errors and vulnerabilities on apps and softwares are the ones who have the skills of what we call "Software Engineers" and they dont have to be one, as long as they have the skills of one they will do. NOTE: you must be professed with more than one language to be able to crack vulnerabilities and exploits.

    4) You are in a wrong track my friend..

    5) There are NO shortcuts! (sorry if i repeated this but THIS HAS TO BE STUCK IN YOUR BRAIN, if u still have one.)

    Now, think about what i just elaborated to you...

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    Please, If you're new here or just haven't caught on yet, don't ever use the word "hack" in a request for information. It's sure to start something obviously.

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    Originally posted here by PastyPyro
    Please, If you're new here or just haven't caught on yet, don't ever use the word &quot;hack&quot; in a request for information. It's sure to start something obviously.
    That's not true, it depends what sence you use the word 'hack' in, if you are talking about hacking as in finding bugs in programs to fix them I am sure people would love to help you. However if you use the word as in breaking into peoples computers (the correct term is crack) of course you will get flammed.
    Sitting Duck Security check it out

    (All right, all right, you guys talked me into it, I will just learn PHP instead of using ASP.)

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    Step 1: Read "Your OS" For Dummies.

    Step 2: Take a class on programming.

    Step 3: Read Hacking Exposed over and over.

    Step 4: Ask questions about subjects you do not understand.

    Step 5: Read more books about what you want to learn.

    These five simple steps should get you started in the right direction. The most important step in learning how to "hack" is to learn how a computer works (understand how applications work and how they are made). Secondly, if you want to be good at "hacking" I would suggest what everyone told me when I asked the same question: LEARN TO PROGRAM. Learning to program will not only allow you to make your own tools but it will also you find expliots in programs.

    Hope I helped!

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    There are just so many reasons why this thread is wrong I won't even go into. It hurts just thinking about it.
    Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.
    - Samuel Johnson

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    LMAO true.. i didnt even knew where to start

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    "And here class, you can see that while two hours have passed on the spaceship, two and A HALF hours have passed on earth!"

    It's funny. I was explaining that phenomenon to someone today. What a co-inky-dink.
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    well, yes, that is what you need. But when you use ficticious values in a model, it is still more theoretical than real world aplication. and as any quantum physicist will tell you (like heisenburg [spelling?]) you can never know the direction and spin of any given electron at the same time. this makes for some big wholes to fill in a round about way. but i am really excited about developments in string theory.

    i give 15 years before we have a terminal with a quantum computing secondary processor... right now we can have only factored the number "15" in a quantum enviornment.

    Liquid computing in a billion billion mole liquid read and manipulated by a state of the art MRI....

    Nifty, huh?

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    you've all shattered my illusions.... I thought Quantum Physics was about a guy righting wrongs with a holographic buddy in different times.... damn... no wonder i cant hack
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