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Thread: Ignore list issue?

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    Ignore list issue?

    Unfortunately, I didn't keep a screenshot of the problem - though I probably should have...

    I went to add a message to a n00b's question, earlier, and got the message that I couldn't respond to the thing because I was on their ignore list. However, I went back out to the main page and clicked "Who Ignores Me?" and got back a list of zero people.

    So... the nextg question is... what's broken - the ignore list checker on the reply button or the ignore list lister. Or did AO just become confused for a while, there?

    I'll see if I can reproduce to provide a bit better example...
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    Same thing happened to me a while ago, but I tried to post again after checking who ignores me and it worked that time.
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    I had to dig out some httpd log files to figure this one out. It looks like you were posting at the exact second I was mucking with the ignore table, heh.

    I've fixed some things so that you shouldn't be getting any more "false positives" if we are working on the db.


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