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    Talking Wed Servies

    Does any body know any free web hosting site which offers both sql or access to database and which also support php.Thanks
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    Hazarawood, I have been designing and creating for a long time now, and i have not come apon many free web hosts that even allow cgi.
    Maby some of the older members know of some!
    Sorry i could not be of much help,

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    Hazarawood good luck!! heh I've tried like almost everyone out there and have never came across one that offers php mySQL support

    Interworks-online.com however offers all of that plus alot more for like $13(US) and they are really quick/helpfull (heh can u guess who i signed up with)

    but sorry no free ones that i know of - best free on i know of is demented.org
    no banners/pop-ups but also no php/mySQL


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    No luck here, either. Haven'ft heard of one. Then again there are things in life that could really suck if they were free..... ya know?
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    Try these links. They may not have everything your looking for but they sure beat goecities
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    never even heard of anything close, sorry
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    well not to get your hopes up cus this wont be up for a little bit of time but my site linux-users.net will basically offer you webhosting with shell accounts and mySQL and php enabled.... and yes for FREEEEEEEE its subdomain webhosting like user.linux-users.net type thing..... it will be FREE but i think im gonna have it to where you have to be active in the boards to get it.... and it wont be the FASTST connection either, my servers sit on DSL so i guess you cant get EVERYHTINVGv for nothing but i think im givin a pretty good service to the linux community

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    ................................... free web hosting........................with all those things i dun wanna type.......... lalalal

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