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    Unhappy MySQL Help

    I know I already posted this in web development but no one seems to look so I decided to post it here. I downloaded the freeware version of MySQL so I can create a forum using php, but when I installed the rpm it says set a password for root. So I tryed the command to set the password '/usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root -p password' but it says that the file 'mysqladmin' does not exist. So I decided to download the binarys, now I can see the file 'mysqladmin' but I can't execute it, it still says the file does not exist. Anybody know whats wrong? Could you please help me, thanks.
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    well..... i think that the BEST way to install mySQL to configure it right is through source.... go to mysql site, download the SOURCE and compile it then install it correctly, then when u see mysqladmin it should work. btw try ./mysqladmin -u root -p <choospw>

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    I can help ya out with ur MYSQL DataBase just pm me.

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