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Thread: Running server on P4

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    Running server on P4

    I should be receiving my P4 1.7GHz server this week and well i wasnt sure what OS to run on it.... my current server is RedHat Linux, i dont know if ni should stay with Linux(which i am very comfterable with) or go to BSD or any other *nix OS at that...... im not concerned about security AT ALL, just about speed, what cna i get the most power out of???? i mean Linux runs pretty damn fast right now, but would it make a difference if i run BSD??? im thinking about just creating a linux from scratch that will fit me exactly....

    please suggestions will help, BTW this will be a webserver running apache/BIND(DNS)/MySQL/SSH/Mail(maybe)

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    TurboLinux has a good server distro. I have had some play with it and it seemed worthy. Just my $.02 worth. So far most of my server knowledge is with MS products. I have ran Apache on *nix before. But not a full fledged server. The reason I'm even saying anything is that my cousin works for Digital and thats what they use and he loves it.
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    Dome, if you're going to do a linux from scratch style of server setup, you may wish to look in depth at slackware if you haven't already. Quite a lot of the packages I would use for a server are already there as part of the install. ProFTPd for instance. It has a great security track record. I believe that of the Distributions, Slack has had the fewest vulnerabilities in its default package set since inception (something like 1 or 2).
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    Slakware kicks butt. If takes some work, but it is very customizable.

    Either that or FreeBSD. Redhat is all well and good, but once you know linux, I would always suggest slackware.
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    Or get OpenBSD, wich is quite secure, altough you could have hours of discussions BSD can run some applications faster then Linux.

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    Why don't you just use Windows 2000 advanced server, it will beat the shiznit off any linux one. Because Linux is a beshiznit motofreaking orporata stsyam. LINUX SUCKS!!!!

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    Everyone knows that FreeBSD is the fastest thing you can run on x86.

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