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Thread: VB Programmers; ANY OF YOU

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    Lightbulb VB Programmers; ANY OF YOU

    Any VB programmers here? I'm looking for new ways to apply that sort of knowledge; there are very few good VB security sites... Just so you know, I have a fairly high knowledge of VB, so send or teach me anything... And I'll help anyone who has any questions too
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    regarding VB...could you teach me VB???I heard it's a pretty easy to learn language...I mention that I have high knowledge of Assembly and I also know some PASCAL, and little delphi.

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    Oh yeah,and my e-mail address is victt@magicksoft.com!

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    try http://www.vbip.com all kinds of good stuff there

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    I am a VB super freak....what do you want to know.

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    Quad is just a freak. But his vb kung fu is strong too. I can help as well if there are questions.
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    if you need some tutorials or ebooks i can give you a ton.. just PM me if you need something

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    from reading your posts i gather your vb is better than mine but i might have the occasional unknow fact. What kinda stuff you working on?

    And Thanks, ill keep that in mind!
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    Just as soon as you think the thread's dead...


    No, I'm not looking for anything specific, just ideas and examples of security software in VB. Generally I'm trying to find lesser-known features that'd be of use. Thanks everyone.

    I'll get back to you soon VicTT.
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    Smile VB6

    Hi there,

    Im looking for some beginner client/server tut's in VB6.

    Can anyone help ?
    Cyber (=Punk=)

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