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    Which frontend ???


    With reference to my previous post....

    Yes, I want to become a security specialist....

    I dont know any frontend except a little of C & C++

    Which is the best frontend around : Java, VB, VC++, ASP, Perl for securing a network ?


    Sorry for multiple similar post - I had clicked the "submit"button multiple times since server did not response for long times.

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    I would say go for C and C++, altough some people would recommend Java.

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    I agree with Leviatan with these side bars:
    C/C++ very fast languages compiled and platform specific (lets you make calls of the OS without too much difficulty) -but most be rebuilt if the OS changes.

    Java -a litle slow (interpurted not compiled). Platform independent. The interface on Unix is the same as on winX. Poor support for level functionality (file manipulation).
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    First of all, you are talking about programming languages, not front ends. A front end would be more like Microsoft Visual Basic, or Borland C++.

    Second> please search the formus before you make a post like this. This has been discussed many many many many many many times. Just search for programming languages, you will find a lot of posts about what someone should learn first.

    Third> If you click on the button to edit your post, there is a check box to delete that post. If the post is the first one in the thread, it will delete the entire thread.
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