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Thread: Windows & Page Files

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    Question Windows & Page Files

    I must say, you people must think that I just love the page file of Windows.. I mean, two posts on it going... neway, this is different.. I swear it is.... if you don't believe me, stop reading....

    I was just reading a techrepublic article, on Setting up a New PC , and I notice this which I thought was, just a bit off... NOTE: You need to be a member to view the article

    5. Configure adequate paging files
    For each partition on your system, you should set up a separate paging file. On the Internet, there are all kinds of formulae for calculating paging file sizes, but I usually use the formula: physical RAM X 2 + 128. Using this formula, a machine with 256 MB of RAM would need a paging file of 640 MB per partition.
    Now, when I look at that formula, I go hmmmm... 'the more RAM I have.. the larger a page file I need'...

    I just don't think that sounds right... I mean, following their formula, the PC I'm planning to build would require a 2176MB Page file, for each partition..

    I mean, if the amount of RAM goes up, shouldn't the size of the page file decrease?...

    Am I wrong in thinking this, or is this author just a nutter?
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    Matty, this has been always the formula. You always go at least 2X the size of memory you have. At least in Linux you do. For Microsoft I usually go with the recommended size. On my one workstation though I have 1.5gig of RAM and a 3gig page file. Now in all honestly, I think I am lucky if my OS uses 500megs of that 1.5 gig of RAM....
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    It does seem backwards MC, but thats the way it works. You don't NEED a pagefile that big, but why not. Its like adding more ram except its slower and cheaper. If your pagefile is too big, it can cause problems because the computer can't keep track of where everything is. Thats why they say 2x your ram. If you go 3x, then you acually have to use your pagefile to index your pagefile.

    btw, that article was for seting up a workstation, not a pc. Those are recommendations for a work computer, so the enduser doesn't screw anything up.
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