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    one of my local radio stations (WMRQ, Radio 104) also played the whole thing this week. they said something to the effect of "this wasnt suposed to get played till next tuesday, but we figured what the hell, it's all over the net anyway". now, first off i would have never even known there was a new Eminem cd comming out if they didnt play it, and even when i heard there was i wouldnt buy it based on the one or two singles released. i happened to really like a quite a few of the tracks, so now i'm gonna pick it up on tuesday(can you say "sales++"?)

    take this in contrast with annother local station that was playing tracks off of the new Rage/Chris Cornell CD. they got a letter saying to stop playing the music because it was going to hurt sales or some crap. i didnt happen to be listening when they played any of the music and now i dont expect to buy it. had they not sent the letter, i may have gotten a chance to hear a track or two and make the decision of if i liked it enough to buy it(and here we have a case of "sales-=1").

    look at the two cases we have here, 1 cd gets bootleged and played early causing me to plan on buying it on its release date(which will help it climb the charts), where annother gets played and shut down before i get to hear it causing me to plan on NOT buying it AT ALL(at most i may copy it from my school's radio station which i work at). which model do YOU think works better...

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    that idiot needs to shut up as well as every other "artist" who wines and complains about getting to write rhymes that a 3rd grader could think of and then chill in there 4million dollar cribs, while others get up 6days a week and bust there asses on 10 hour shifts. he needs a beat down.
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