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Thread: Really nasty case up here (Strong Stomach Required)

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    Really nasty case up here (Strong Stomach Required)

    Where I live we have just had a very nasty Internet related Rape/Murder. Go to http://www.wtnh.com/Global/story.asp...v=0Rde98yh98yo and http://www.wtnh.com/Global/story.asp...0&nav=0Rde98yh for more info.

    Cases like this are the most SENSELESS, PREVENTABLE things I have EVER seen... There are WAY TOO MANY people out there that do not know basic computer security principles. By not knowing these principles they put this country, their companies, their families, and themselves in danger every time they head out on the Internet. I have seen 10 year olds just walk right into a chatroom and hand out their phone numbers RIGHT IN OPEN CHAT. It was fortuante that she met a friend of mine who was kind to her. It could have had a VERY different ending for this little girl. I SEE NUMEROUS other people do similar things like this and think NOTHING of the EXTREME RISKS they take EVERYTIME they give out this personal information. I see Schools who rely WAY TOO MUCH on web blocking software (which I might add has security more like ****ing Swiss Cheese and can be blown though so easily it's not even funny) for more info see http://www.wtnh.com/Global/story.asp...=0Rde98yh9987. I know someone who works at a school in Florida that has security like this. He had his sysadmin cut off his 3 boxes from the Internet because I had told him the security at the school was bad and what kinds of trouble the kiddies could get into. The FBI says these cases are getting worse, not better. The only way to stop this SENSELESS BULLSHIT is to educate the people.

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    From what I've read about this girl, she was very troubled (read: scumbag bait) and had her own website with suggestive langauge on it. She was unknowingly attracting vultures to the meat .

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    Yeah.. but just because a girl wears suggestive clothing doesnt mean shes asking to get raped and murdered.... There are just some sick people out there is all...

    Not to mention where were the parents?? Letting a 14 year old girl go out and meet people from the internet?


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    Unfortunatly this is becoming more and more popular.

    Now while the internet makes this kind of cruel event 'easier' it by no means started this kind of act. Things like this have happened since the beginning of time.

    The problem is that young people as well as old alike do not see the internet in the "Don't talk to strangers, don't take candy from a stranger" manner that most of us have been taught. Most parents are so intimidated by computers that they either do not understand what their children are doing or don't care, because how can their children be in harms way in their own home.

    What it comes down to is parents(and us as parents or future parents) to educate our children on basic principles, not just computer security practices.

    How many parents would suggest going up to a group of strangers in real life and giving out there phone number? In honesty how many 13 year olds would? This is the responsibility of the parent to make this association, or else you have horrible stories such as this.

    Oh well, I have said enough

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    Originally posted here by Absolut
    Yeah.. but just because a girl wears suggestive clothing doesnt mean shes asking to get raped and murdered.... There are just some sick people out there is all...

    Not to mention where were the parents?? Letting a 14 year old girl go out and meet people from the internet?

    This case is now starting to get around the country. There is a WHOLE SECTION on MSNBC (which is at http://www.msnbc.com/local/DNT/default.asp?aff=DNT) that is devoted to this single case. While she did commit some very BIG security no-nos (see the 3rd link that is at the URL I gave in this post) That does not mean that we should condone the act...if there was any misunderstanding on this point I apologize. In fact this MOTHER****ING BASTARD needs to be subjected to death by slow torture....screw the 8th Amendment!!! The really SAD part of this case is that if the signs had been seen earlier this case would never have occured. When you take the 3rd link it will show you some of the language that was used on her Web Site....WHICH NO ONE EVEN KNEW SHE HAD. She had apparently engaged in this type of activity prior to the murder. I don't think this poor girl even knew what she was getting into because these pedo scum had effectively brainwashed her. As for where the parents were, they both had drug problems, she was living with her Aunt. Her Aunt, most likely not knowing anything about computer security or how the Internet works or how dangerous it can be was literally blind to what was going on. The Feds said that no one was monitoring her Internet usage.

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    Watch this bill designed to help stop this senseless crap get trashed...one idiot rep form VA has alread opposed the new bill in favor of the usual argument (which is nothing but an excuse).

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    I have to agree that more information on security on the internet is needed. That is why I joined this site, because I wanted to learn about security. I also agree that while she may have made mistakes she certainly did not deserve nor ask for what happened to her. It is an intense and horrific crime and he deserves the maximum punishment as well as several beatings if you ask me.
    It is too bad that nobody was watching her, if they had maybe she would be here today.

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    These are my opinions...

    Education of how computers work, security, and whatnot can be the life-saver for events like these. If the parents decided to actually be more involved in what their daughter was doing online (which apparently and obviously was a shitload more than "using it as a resource"), they'd still be talking to her today. Why don't the police want to release how long the convos were going on? Because that would almost be releasing what they talked about and you KNOW what they "talked" about. Here's a primary case of a 13 year old girl either trying to be an adult online where nobody knows the truth but her and in this case, chances are she was talking about what she'd "do" to him if she ever met him. They meet, she backs down because she's 13 with no clue, he gets pissed and kills her.

    Does this mean she "got what she deserved"? Not by death, no..that's extreme. Maybe if she got beat down once she'd have realized that you don't pull **** like this on the internet. And it's both ways...the guy should've just dropped her like a bad habit the minute he knew she was 13 (or when they met). Instead, he's looking at bad **** rolling downhill because NOW, he's an illegal alien who just murdered a 13 year old American girl after sexxing her up online. The sad thing is is the parents "want to get it out in the open" but they're not taking any blame for it. It's just as much their fault as it is hers and this guy's...

    If the parents were more active with their *****ing Compaq computer (or Dell or Gateway..you know it's a pre-packaged POS because they don't know better), they'd know what to look for and what to watch out for. If the girl actually talked to them, if they talked to her, etc etc..a thousand 'what ifs' are in order here but now, because of a bunch of mistakes all rolled into one, she's gone and a brazilian man is gonna hang out to dry.

    Try not to think that if it were a guy found dead or whatnot, it wouldn't have half the attention it gets...
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    The problem today is that kids know more about computers then their parents do, parents need to be able to monitor what the kids do and what sites they visit but it's virtually impossible, unless if you have JP as your dad or something. Holland has a lot of these cases, in fact some 23 year old programmer flew all the way to the USA to meet a 13 year old girl who happened to be an FBI agent. He'll serve years in prison while here all you get is a few months or a stupid warning.

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