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Thread: Phony Fingerprints Fool Biometric Readers....

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    Phony Fingerprints Fool Biometric Readers....

    Phony Fingerprints Fool Biometric Readers and problem with Facial Recognition Technology.

    Source: www.sans.org

    Phony Fingerprints Fool Biometric Readers

    Fake fingerprints fashioned from gelatin were able to fool biometric
    fingerprint readers 80% of the time, according to research performed
    by Japanese researchers. The researchers also devised a way to create
    fake fingerprints from fingerprints left on glass surfaces.


    [Editor's (Ranum) Note: It is probably worth mentioning that under
    $10 worth of stuff was needed to pull this off - no rocket science
    (Murray) This attack is a classic replay (or forgery) attack. Nothing
    impressive about it. Replays are not unique to fingerprints.
    Replays are a fundamental vulnerability of all biometrics. That is
    why we insist upon strong authentication, that is, at least two forms
    of evidence (something only one person has, knows, is, or can do) at
    least one of which is implemented in such a way as to resist replay.
    Those who continue to search for the perfect authenticator (easy
    to use, can be reconciled at a distance, easy to enroll, cannot be
    forgotten, lost, stolen or copied) are looking for magic.]
    Source: www.sans.org

    Facial Recognition Technology Not Highly Accurate

    The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) says that tests of
    facial recognition technology at the Palm Beach (FL) International
    Airport fail to correctly identify faces more than half of the time.
    The recognition rate went down when people wore glasses, turned their
    heads, or were moving.


    ACLU report:


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    Biometrics have been proven not to work 100%, I whas at a security conference last year and PGP's Phil Zimmerman explained why some forms just didn't work 100%.
    Fingerprinting can easily be fooled with latex, iris scans someties do not recognize the apropriate person due to scarring.

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    a long way to go.
    criminals act criminal. if they don't hessitate to put a knife to your throat the next stepp will be they take your finger and your PINcard

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