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Thread: Protecting Children In Cyberspace

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    Arrow Protecting Children In Cyberspace

    well after reading such depressing stories.. and the uprising of child pornography busts on the net.. i would like some of u to read something..

    I found this while i was surfing the NCJRS (National Criminal Justice Reference Service)

    Parents and Parents-to-be... i suggest you read this...

    Protecting Children in Cyberspace: The ICAC Task Force Program. 2/2002, NCJ 191213.

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    good suggestion, I also suggest running a hidden keylogger to watch what your children are doing...

    You might not like what you find 70 % of the time.... but its better to find out bad things about your children then to have bad things happen to your children

    Its just 1 step in the right direction..

    Also checking the internet history after your children are off the computer is something id also suggest... you may find some distrubing sites they have visited...

    Confronting your children is something you MUST do... Try not to make them feel weird about what they might have done... even try to relate urself to it.. (not in the American Pie father to son way though... that was just to funny)

    Good Luck! and rember, you children may hate you for it... but a childs hate last as long as the sunset... and at least ull still have ur child in the end
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    maybe im saying this because im not a parent yet, but going as far as putting a keylogger on your computer so you can watch what your children are doing?? i mean come on thats just total invasion of privacy, i think you should give your child his/her privacy, if you raise them right then they will come to you with more serious issues, if you dont trust them they will find other ways to hide something from you...... TRUST is the MOST important thing in ANY relationship even child/parent.....

    I allways had trust from my parents and thats why my parents allways knew what i was doing, weather it was getting drunk, having sex or anyhting in between.... And they knew i was going to be responsible about it because it was responsible that i told them in the first place.

    Im just really against tracking your kids every move.

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    I remember when I was younger, my dad installed surfwatch on our computer as soon as we were first connected to the internet. It turned into a game of seeing what kinds of sites my sister and I could get into w/out being blocked by the damn thing. I'll agree w/ DOME, and I've said it before myself: If my dad hadn't installed surfwatch, I probably never would have went to any of those sites in the first place. IT was just the young, rebellious idea that I was beating his system.

    Trust is very important. After being on the recieveing end of such an untrusting parent, I can say that I would have no reason to install a keylogger on my PC without some concrete eveidence of needing to do so. Especially since you only get one side of the conversation/email/etc. A keylogger doesn't allow you to see what comes into the computer, only what goes out, and through the keyboard.

    EDIT: There is a program out there that keeps an active log of all html and image files that are opened/recieved on the computer, even if the temp folder, cache, and history are deleted. I don't remember what it's called, but they market it towards parents who want to keep an eye on their kids.
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    hmm ill just keep logs for safety measures..

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    sort of trust and responsability.. hey guys..

    oh an example.. what is the good of telling the childeren not to visit porno sites, when dad does..
    or telling the kids not to spy on the neighbours, when mom and dad have the binoculars trained on the newly wed couple down the street.. (geez that was a warped example)..
    can you trust someone who says "I realy trust you on the computer".. "I have just installed a key logger incase I am wrong.."

    I love and protect my children, lead by example, explain why you feel/think something is wrong. sometimes be child like not childish.. (my daughter has said I should remember that).. oh yeh.. teach them it is ok to admitt when you are wrong....
    And you are human, so are they..

    geez is that a grey hair..

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    Its not a question of trust, Its a question of understanding

    If the computer is urs and not ur kids then u have a right to know EXACTLY what they do with it.... You should let them know that they are not allowed to do it!

    Did you know it is not illegal in the US to set up a camcorder to tape inside someones window from any public area such as a lamp or street?

    Did you know that places like SEARS can have 2 way mirrors and can atch you get changed just to be sure you do not steal from their store?

    Did you know that there is no such thing as privacy ?

    DONT do anything you do not want anyone to know about, because sooner or later someone will find out!

    And i rather my kids think that i dont trust them then for them to give out their phone number # and have some 40 year old trying to make sexual advances twords them in any way shape or form!

    I am 17 years old and i understand this..... So i think its about time the parents and children should too!

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    I think that there should be a healthy level of trust and understanding. Trust between parents and children is a much debated issue, the question is, where can someone draw the line. I don't think necessarily that someone should install a keylogger to monitor usage, but instead, have the computer in a well frequented area, even put it in the living room, watch tv while your kids are using the internet and occasionally glance.

    My grandparents raised me and were very strict, not much about the internet because they trusted I would know right from wrong by the examples I showed them with other things. I hated them growing up, but you know what, I'm going to do the same thing when I have children of my own.

    People are overly concerned about children and the internet, in my opinion. I think we should worry more why young teenage girls are allowed to go out dressed like Britney Spears, looking whorish, and meeting guys that way, instead of who they may or may not be chatting with on MSN. Look at all the perverts that lurk in the mall. We trust our children to go there.

    Porn? Before the internet there were magazines full of busty nude women, it's just as easy to have one of your older friends go buy one and look at it that way.

    And my biggest one, before there was the internet, people who barely knew eachother corresponded by snail mail....some fell in love and met. We do the same thing on the net and it's frowned upon. I know more weirdos in my apartment building than at the chat I've frequented the last 5 years, and there are far more people who chat there.

    I know one thing from growing up, I may have done a lot of things that I shouldn't have, and I usually got caught but my grandparents always trusted me, it may not have always been on the same level. I had to show that I was responsible before I gained certain levels of trust, but never ever violate the trust bond between parent and children....It ruins everything.

    Teach your kids and trust them. And if they muddle it up along the way, reinforce the idea until it's there. Don't spy on them. You wouldn't want it done to you.

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    Nowadays, my parents seem to spend the greater portion of their time trying to keep track of me - that is, spying on me, listening in on me, and snooping through my stuff - both on the computer and off of it.
    They lie straight to my face, and tell me never to lie to them.
    They're ****ing hypocrites who give me no privacy, and expect me to be a damned robot who does exactly what they tell me!
    Parents out there who may be reading this: I have some advice for you! Be honest with your kids! Don't tell them not to look at porn and spend the whole damned night downloading it yourselves! Don't tell them how horrible being drunk is, and how you would never do it - ESPECIALLY WHILE YOU ARE DRUNK!
    What I can't understand is how most parents don't realize that the same things that would make them angrier than they've ever been before make their kids angry too! We've got emotions too, you know! ARRGH!
    I'm on my way to a convention this weekend with a bunch of my friends. We knew about it eight months ago, and all told our parents then.
    One of my friends just got told, six days before the convention, that he can't go because he will miss his little sister's birthday.
    Another word of advice, parents - DO NOT PICK FAVOURITES! This friend's little sister is doted on beyond anything I've ever seen before... Guess what, parents - you're not doing the kid any ****ing favours! When little Victoria reaches real life, she's going to discover that people don't do whatever you want, whenever you want it! Not that her parents understand that... God, it makes me sick when I see a child treated like God by their (her, usually) parents, especially when it means that they ignore their other child, or in this case, use him as a tool to cater to her desires!............................................................*puts head in hands* My god...
    Oh, and speaking of Britney Spears... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THAT WOMAN? I normally wouldn't say this, but someone really ought to just slap her and tell her that teaching young girls to sell things with their bodies is wrong... *incoherent scream of rage*... ok, calming down...


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    Well its a great idea not to spy on them......then you find out that your little girl was pretending to be 20 and talking to men in lewd ways....or your son to. Now I think there has to be some control over what they can and cannot see. Its not just sex things either. Violence is a big problem as well.

    The Anarchist cookbook a prime example....it teaches you to make bombs and various gasses. I am more worried about people learning these things then a teenage boy looking at women. There needs to be a better way to keep kids out of these situations. The priviate chats are quite dangerous.....even I got burned by someone. That got my contact from here(I kid you not) and then preceded to use the msn chat flaw on me and minor threats. I let the guy on my contact list because I figured he got it off here so it was cool. No chance...you need to be careful no matter what. (yes I installed the buffer lol)

    So I say do what ever you need to do to insure your childs safty. Those who dont may end up wishing they did. It is better to be safe then sorry!~!!!
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