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Thread: Pathetic Script Kiddies

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    Talking Pathetic Script Kiddies

    Gather around... I'll tell you a story of a stupid script kiddie...

    I'd say this happened 3 years ago...

    I was working security for the mall in Timmins (ON, CA) and a friend of mine was working at good ol' RadioShack. Every now and then, I'd go and shoot the **** with him about new products and other computer stuff...

    Anyways, one day, I get there and I see three kiddies (say about 14 yrs old each) talking in the store with my buddy. I walk over and listen in on the conversation.

    The "Leader" of the threesome talk about how he's upset with the service of RoyalBank and how he wants to crash their systems....

    Right away I begin to laugh inside.... but what got me hysterical was what he said next, and I'll quote.

    Me: "You want to crash RBC? How are you going to do that?"
    Him: "I'll call in and trash the system!"
    Me: "All by yourself? Don't you think you'll be seen by the sysadmin?"
    Him: *see below*

    Your right. I know, I'll send out a message over the net and get some others to help
    BAH HA HA! Someone has seen the movie Hackers a time too many.....

    He never even mentioned anything about social engeneering the bank for an access number, or trying to wardial for the number, or even going to the bank and see if he could find it/out.

    Then he mentions he "compiled" a program that would ensure the admin would not see him on the network/system. right......

    Figured I'd **** with him on that too....

    I asked him what he used to write the program. He said with hex (editor). Oh boy....
    I figured I'd really screw with him, see if he knows anything....

    ME: If you wrote with hex, did you "hide your source"?
    Him: yeah, it's all written together and compressed
    ME: What did you use to "compress" your program?
    Him: What do you mean?
    ME: You "have to use a compressor to hide your source and compress"
    Him: Oh, really?!?
    ME: Yeah, your program is running with it's source open, anyone could just look inside your source and see what it's suppose to do and trace it to you.
    Him: How?
    ME: When you write a code, it puts your pc number inside... :P

    As you can see using some BS was easy since I wasn't gonna get caught

    Let's just say the rest of the conversation continued with himself giving me the tools to make him look stupid in front of his "37137 4ac3r" friends....

    By the time I left, he was red and his friends looking at him with questions....

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    Wow, he wrote a program in Hex, the guy must be a genius, did you get his autograph

    I wonder did he learn a lesson from that encounter and give up his script kiddie lifestyle.
    Probably not, his apparent lack of anything resembleing intelligence dictates against that.

    I doubt the RoyalBank was under much threat anyway.
    live life, don\'t just endure it

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    Careful Gang, he might actually be a member of AO now, posing as a Security Professional, lets not piss him off, he might release his "All Powerful" HEX program on us.


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    Could be worse, he could have said he used binary

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    Gee tyger_claw, why you gotta make fun of me?
    \"Ignorance is bliss....
    but only for your enemy\"
    -- souleman

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    PC Number? LOL

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    Ohhhhhhhh you put a hex on me.. la dee da dee da.......

    Oh a hex editor not the song...... Damn, and I was tuning in my voice for broadway.......
    The COOKIE TUX lives!!!!
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    Tyger, Tyger, in the night...
    Showed this kid was not too bright.
    His coordination, hand to eye
    Did Hex a fearful sysadmin.
    - Paraphrased from William Blake


    Pierce me with steel, rend me with claw and fang; as I die, a legend is born for another generation to follow.
    An\' it harm none, do as ye will. - Wiccan Rede

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    Could be worse, he could have said he used binary
    could have been even worse - he could have said he wrote it in VB lol
    but you do gotta love the kiddiots they provide hours of entertainment and perfect stress relief through flaming....

    Souleman - I knew there was somthing funny about you!


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    And it could have been MUCH worse- He coulda said he made it in HTML! Lmfao!

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