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    someone is impersonating me!

    I am one of a group managing a mailing list. We delisted a subscriber for using profanities. The guy goes haywire and sends mail using my e-mail address threatening to close us down. How can we stop him.
    Our list is run by listserv at st.sJohn's university in NY.
    Thanks for all tips
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    Chances are he just spoofed your email addy. You use a SMTP client server, and manually type in the "From" address and such. If you examine the headers between your email and his, you should notice some differences. To my knowledge, it can't really be stopped, since he's using a foreign host.

    Maybe someone else can add to this. Good luck anyway.
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    Even some Exchange servers that have not been properly patched and/or loacked down will allow a knowledgable user to be able to bouce an SMTP message off of it without requiring any authentication (not that I have any first-hand knowledge of this ;-]). Its nearly impossible to stop. As PhirePhreak said earlier, if it comes down to preventing trouble, you'll have to compare the message headers, as they will shed light on the fact it is not you.

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    Contact his ISP. You can probably start by looking at the email headers to find that out like Phire mentioned.

    They should take this type of abuse seriously.
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    Dont know much about this kind of thing.. still learning and all, but maybe you could check the headers.. see where he spoofed your email addy from and ban that domain (if it is something irrelevant like a MUD domain or something similar). The purpose?.. it just makes his job a bit more difficult.. chances are he only has one or two active smtp's that he can spoof from...

    Alternatively, check the headers, someone this petty probably isnt that experienced and logged on to the smtp from his home...if its a newer version wouldn't his originating IP be included when he did the 'helo' command?

    sorry if i am not making sense.. it is 6am....
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    But if he's impersonating you...

    How do we know that this post is being made by you and not this guy?

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    lmao at nietzsche

    On the topic, Use social engineering...
    Try to send him emails from anonymous webmails stating that you really agree with him and that the site should be closed and that you will do anything to help him achieve that goal... The idea is to get friend with him
    Then gather info on him still faking being his bud
    (maybe faking being a woman could even work better... Why not send him a picture of a cute girl you know to get the idiot all excited?)

    Then when you have enough info about him, write to him via your regular email and tell him you will sue him and report him to the cops, he should wisen a bit

    Or if you faked being a woman, tell him to meet you some place and when he shows up, get a few guys to beat him to death Nah just joking, only break his legs hehehe

    Good luck, I hope you catch the moron...
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