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Thread: A Program Question

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    A Program Question

    First off, I am seriously new. A newb among newbies one might say.

    On to the question, when I do a control+alt+delete, I see a program called Loadqm. What is it? I've done msconfig on my run menu and I can't find it in any of my startup programs but it's just there and it's driving me crazy. Thanks for any help.

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    This loads the MSN Query Manager. This program gobbles up system resources and appears on most end-users’ Task List who come to us complaining of low System & User Resources.

    Recommendation :
    Disable or Delete using Startup Manager.
    This information is from this URL:

    The site is:

    It's a decent site, you can search for all the programs that you'll find when you press CTRL+ALT+DEL. Someone here at AO posted it some time ago and I chucked it in my bookmarks, it always comes in handy.

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