My uni just had an end of semester book sale so I decided to pick up some cheap books. I bought C Unleashed for $70 AUD which is a bargain cause it's RRP is about $100 AUD.

Title: C Unleashed
ISBN: 0672318962 1344pp paperback+cd
Publisher: Sams Published: Jul 2000
Author(s): Ben Pfaff, Richard Heathfield, Lawrence Kirby, Mike Lee, Mathew Watson

This is a pretty good C book for more advanced C programmers. It assumes that you have a fairly solid working knowledge of C. There is a strong emphasis on writing portable ANSI C code. It includes some really good info on:

- Programming standards
- Code mending
- Recursion
- Rapid sorting techniques
- Optimisation
- Graphs
- Writing CGI applications in C
- Encryption

To name some of the cool things that it has. In my opion, it was a great purchase. If you already know how to write programs in C and you need a book that tells you how you can do more, then I would seriously consider adding this book to your collection.