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Thread: Windows Messaging/Outlook Express

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    Windows Messaging/Outlook Express

    hello everyone,

    i run windows 98. Somewhere in outlook express is my problem. when i installed 'windows messaging', in order to get to the faxing capability, i was told to first uninstall outlook express. when the WM was installed, then i could reinstall OE. on that advice, which came from microsoft the instructions, i did uninstall OE, then installed WM.

    however, i noticed that when i installed WM, the installation proceedure itself reinstalled OE. i simply made a mental note the instructions did not say that would happen.

    i've been tempted to uninstall OE, try to run WM, then reinstall OE.

    but a very important first question; is it even possible to run WM when i have a cable, not a phone-line connection? i ask because someone whom i don't trust very much suggested i couldn't. i do have a phone modem, and i even have my home phone connected to it, using my computer an an answering machine.(are things here so simple that all i need to do is list my home phone # as my fax #?) i haven't done that because somewhere in my settings i recall seeing the legend that reads, never use a phone line, or something like that.

    ill be looking forward to some help again

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    just unistall both. Then install OE first then install Trillian.

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    what would trillian do ? does it give me fax ?

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    You can convince most of the utilities in MS to "never dial a connection" somewhere under the Internet and/or Modem control panels, if memory serves. Sometimes you have to beat it over the head a little bit (like IE and Outlook will keep volunteering to "Work Offline"), but it should eventually be able to be taught to just use whatever network is present and not keep trying to dial a stupid modem connection (you should do it manually through the Dial-Up Networking panel, anyway - else you might find a couple of not-so-well-behaved applications may occassionally "phone home" and make your machine try to dial up a connection for you (I seem to remember the early days of that crap some people getting some mighty huge telephone and/or ISP bills - back in the "pay per character" days... now I'm really dating myself, I think))
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    BTW, if you want a fax program, go look for HylaFax (on UNIX) or WinFax Pro (it's worth the money if you do a lot of faxing, etc - that means a lot from an old UN*X gnu-head like me, I think... I'd much prefer to find "free" programs, normally, and string them together... I rarely pay for software anymore, it seems... 'cept those darn PC-SSH clients and the like... for the moment)
    \"Windows has detected that a gnat has farted in the general vicinity. You must reboot for changes to take affect. Reboot now?\"

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    thanks draz

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    I know mairu from where you get your avatar. Isn't it a very big picture?

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    yeah monk, i wasnt getting a nice one, this is just a temporary thingi, and i saw atleast 10 people on different websites that have the same avatar, so it doesnt really matter, the point is that this is a temporary thingi until im getting a new nice one

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