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Thread: New releases

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    New releases

    Well, after the ssh thing, I figured I would post a few more.

    OpenOffice 1.0 is now out. For those that don't know, its the open source, free version of Star Office. It runs on linux, windows, mac, etc etc etc. It can open Word, PowerPoint, and Excel Files. Multiple language support. Check it out: www.openoffice.org/

    Netscape 7 preview edition was released earlier this week. Haven't played with it, but its at www.netscape.com

    Mozilla 1.0R2 (release canidate 2) has been out for a few weeks. 1.0 final should be out soon. I have played with this some, and its been pretty cool. hoping they get the calander working better though.... www.mozilla.org

    Redhat 7.3 I am really surprised I haven't seen anyone post this. I probably missed it someplace, but I haven't heard anyone say they are using it either. I know a few who used the beta, but not the final release. www.redhat.com/products/

    Ok, I am done for now. Even a cable modem should take a while dl'ing all that.
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    RH 7.3 Valhalla. Gonna load it up this weekend at home to see. Flavor of the week anyone????
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    RH7.3 Might try it later but downloaded and installed 7.2 and it wouldnt even find my CDrom drives. Installed 7.1 and worked perfectly. Did anyone else have a problem with RH 7.2?
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    souleman: Thanks for the heads up. I'm pretty sure that the release of Redhat 7.3 has been mentioned before in the forums though. Has anyone checked out Mozilla 1.0R2 yet? Is it any good?
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    I'm running 7.2 and had no problem.... (except for the winmodem issue - which I Konquered! )

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