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Thread: Kazaa is in trouble...

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    Thumbs down Kazaa is in trouble...

    roundup The company that brought you Kazaa says it can't afford costly fights with the record industry. Meanwhile, people using the Kazaa network contend with worms disguised as music or movie files, songs that come with a price tag, and ads.

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    I hope kazaa does not go under. I love kazaa!!! I don't get much music from them, but I sure do get a **** load of software and movies from Kazaa....


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    What The?!?

    Isn't this the same privacy intrusion as did a web advertising company a few years back, using cookies?

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    I think it is but im not 100% sure on that....


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    It'll be replaced by something better, really soon. trust me on this. I'm no Nostradamus but I can tell you that people in the open source community love the idea of P2P file sharing and the whole legal battle that it's involved in. (Nice run-on sentence...)

    To the point I don't think its' a big deal. kazaa isn't that great. There'll be something better really soon.
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    KorpDeath has a point. Remember when napster shutdown people thought it was the end but the next day kazaa popped up.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    the best part is, if its done open-source, who the hell do the record labels, ect have to sue? not the creators, as that list would surely be atleast in the hundreds, and probably relitivaly anonimious. could they sue the owners of servers? sure i guess...but they would have to spend the time to track down the servers and shut them down as they poped up again and again in different places.

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    Kazaa is probably the best filesharing app around at the moment... I haven't had any problems with worms or trojans, and since most of you use virus scanners, you shouldn't have too many problems even in the off chance you do get something like this... Given you update patterns regularly.
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    Never had a prob with Kazaa Lite, Regular Kazaa is quite invasive of your privacy but eh what did you expect? It's friggin "free"...

    On the P2P issue, well I am not too worried... Soon we will be able to teleport real matter
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    On the P2P issue, well I am not too worried... Soon we will be able to teleport real matter
    well if you can transfer matter into a data stream.. you can duplicate it...
    geez pirate copies of Jennifer Lopez herself... hmmm now that could be interesting..
    oh no a worse thought... multiple copies of.....Bush...gawd

    scrap that thought...

    Napster come, Napster go
    Kazza come, Kazza go,
    xxxxxxx come, xxxxxxx go
    and on and on and on it goes..

    a tear will be shed by some... but another will take its place..
    the King is Dead, long live the King

    cheers U02
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    Even if Kazaa as a company does go down, the clients would still work, right? That is, if it's a true P2P system they have going...

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