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Thread: Wireless Credit Card Fraud

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    Wireless Credit Card Fraud

    Couldn't find a previous post on this, so if it has been posted, sorry...

    from MSN News
    May 1 — Think you are safe from the cryptic world of wireless computer hacking? Think again. Security researchers who study wireless networks have found another embarrassing information leak, this one involving well-known retail giants. Some stores use cash registers with wireless networks that beam data — including credit card numbers — to a central computer elsewhere in the store. But a hacker can sit in a store’s parking lot and “listen in” to the data. Indeed, consumer electronics retailer Best Buy Co. shut off wireless cash registers at its stores Wednesday after being alerted to the potential problem, saying it was investigating the issue.
    Read the whole story:
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    Hmm... interesting post. Say... are you aware that your name is 201? Or are my Madd adding skillz off... oh well.
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    your right PhirePhreak, i get 201 !
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    U know i think it would be fun to take a lappy and a wireless lan card and hang out at a best buy parking lot just to see what you could pick up..... of course i would NEVER do anything with this data.... just to see how insecure these people are and give them hard evidence of how easy it was to sniff out their data..... or maybe it wont work and proove that they DO have some security up.... either way it would be fun to play with wireless lans... im not getting into them yet cus i dont know how to secure them enough.....

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