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Thread: Tux's Head+Old Volkswagen Beetle= TUXBUG

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    Tux's Head+Old Volkswagen Beetle= TUXBUG

    I have an idea for a Beetle mod inspired by Tux's head. I have enclosed an image of what I am thinking of so that you may comment on what I should do and what is wrong with my idea.
    In addition to what is seen in the image, I plan on putting Linux bumper stickers on the bumpers, wood paneling trim on the interior, a kick ass sound system, and linux logo stickers everywhere a VW sticker should be. Good idea or not? I await your response.
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    looks pretty good, but one good thing to add would be a penquin stripe on the side of the car. The Black kinda makes it look plain in the back and the stripe would add some Flavor

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