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    Lightbulb New Security Program

    I thought about a new security program, tell me what you think.

    One of the scariest things about a pc, is that basiclly you dont know whats running on your computer and what data is sent through the internet.

    People wanted to know whats running and what information from their computer is being sent to the internet.

    Thats why they invented Firewalls
    Thats why they invented Anti Viruses

    but, someone can still write his own Trojan, that lets say, kills your firewall or change his rules when he run (Hard but can be done if its internal firewall).

    So, i was thinking about a new idea (or an idea that exist but i dont know, let me know if so) :

    Every time you run an application (exe, vbs, com and more), it first let you know that this program is going to run. Only if you choose to run it, then its starting to run.
    You can add rules to it like firewall, let say "if the program is c:\program files\mirc\mirc.exe, then run it without asking me", and much more complex rules. this program will be real complex(more then just rules), just to find the programs that you want them to run and the program you dont.

    with vulnerabilities like This discovering each day, this tool might be helpful.

    So, what do you think about this idea?

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    theirs a program called trojan trap
    www.tinysoftware.com does sought of that it warns you if a program is making any changes to the system that shouldnt be happening etc and it also has alist of what all programs have been doing its rather good

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    Sounds nice, but it would probably get a bit frustrating for someone running like dozens of programs a day.
    Nice idea though.

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