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Thread: IE6-URL's ending up at wrong page

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    IE6-URL's ending up at wrong page

    This maybe the wrong support Discussion so we see how we go.. I will move it if I am wrong..

    Here is the problem:
    WinXPpro and IE6
    Sometimes.. when going to a URL be it entered from the "address"bar, from the bookmarks, a link on a page or even using the back/forward button.. I end up with either a 404 error or with a page not found at this site message, or just at the wrong site..
    Now this is the clincher.. the incorrect page is a page with in a site that is listed in my bookmarks, but not the one I am after..
    Sometimes all you get is the incorrect site regardles of how many times you key the url, click the link etc.. but then sometimes all you need to do is back button and 2nd go.. correct site and page..
    Start the AV (PC-Cillin 2002) console problem clears for a while.. do a full scann problem clears for a couple of hours..
    Have run: Cleaner/Ad-Aware/TDS manualy checked for unusual services in the config..

    My suspicions were :
    virus/trojan internal & external clear, including external and network probes.
    M$ update/patch problem - I had heard that one of the M$ IE Patches had a problem.. Can't find the notes to compare..or check
    or just a corrupted DNS related file..

    So has anyone else heard of or seen these symptoms? Please if you have point me in the right direction.. System restore is not an option... and nor is installing linux (RHis on one of my other machine)
    Is there some thing I have overlooked?

    Thank you
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    umm I don't know whats going on there....I don't think it would be a virus or trojan. Have u tried re-instaling IE? Have you up-dated everything realating to IE. There could be a problem with another app runing in the background doing this. Try shuting down all other process then see if u get the same error.
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    you might try disableing "search from address bar" in internet options that might have something to do with it.!?
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    I had the exact same problem for quite some time. Originally, I thought that something had messed up after installing IIS or SQL (that's when my problems started)... eventually, I just gave up, wiped the machine and started from scratch. Haven't had a problem since. :-)


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