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Thread: Partition Question

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    Partition Question

    Question for my friend, he asked me to post for him :

    I have a 160 Gig Hard drive, I want to Partition it so i can have Windows ME using File System Fat32 on one partition, and have Windows Xp Professional on another partition. I need to know, Can i do this? and Do i need to make both paritions Primary, And if they both have to be primary how do i set up Extanded Partitions so both OS can access them?

    Thanks in advance
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    Yes, you can dual-boot WinME and XP Pro. The only thing you'll need is a decent bootmanager. The bootmanager will take care of the partitioning for you. There might be an issue though: if you decide to install Win XP Pro on an NTFS-partition, you won't be able to access the data on your fat32-partitions (but then again, you can choose to install XP on fat32 also)...

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    Yea all that is possible. First get a bootmanager like he said. Then go buy Partition Magic or run FDISK in dos. I recommend PM, a lot of people do. It does everything for you and is real easy.

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    I think I would just load ME on 20 gigs of space, on yer drive, then use the disk manager and set up another 20 gig primary in the free space fer XP, load XP into the partition you just made, and make the remaining free space one big MF'in Fat32 File Partition. . .and like Negative said, you'll prolly run into problems if you choose the NTFS format for your XP part.
    I would skip the boot managers though, XP's boot manager'll work just fine for what yer doin', just load XP last.

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