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Thread: Edit profile redirection issue

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    Edit profile redirection issue

    A minor thing but still an annoyance...

    I just noticed (for the third time ) that when you edit your signature from the profile page the redirect returns you to the homepage rather than to the edit profile page (thus losing any profile alterations). Sure I can use the back button, but if I edited and previewed my signature 20 times this can be a real pain.

    There are two obvious suggestions: 1, save changes prior to the redirect (with a popup confirm) or 2, move the edit signature option onto the user control panel on the homepage. Not knowing the feasibility of either suggestion I wouldn't presume to say which would be easier to impliment or to suggest that this list of options is exlcusive, but my guess is that number 2 is probably favourite.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I've added an edit signature link to the "Your Account" box on the main page, and have made the "edit signature" button on the "edit profile" page open up in a new window.

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