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Thread: .htaccess help !!!

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    .htaccess help !!!

    I read some tuts on .htaccess method then I try to implement on my redhat linux but when i give the command
    htpasswd -c .htpasswd nameofuser
    I got
    "invalid command" or "command not found" message or something like this but all tuts told that give this command after setting up .htaccess then .htpasswd.Why am I getting that message and what should I do ?
    bye and have fun

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    go to where the htpasswd file is located and then issue the command './htpasswd -c .htpasswd nameofuser' or better yet add in the PATH line, the directory where this file is located to your /etc/profile if you want the execution of this file to be global or if you want to be more user-specific, add this to your bash_rc or bash_profile file in your home directory..
    hope this helps...

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    i don't know what you are doing wrong but it should help to read this...


    and you should write which os/version and son on..

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