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Thread: New Netscrape

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    New Netscrape

    Has anyonoe tried the new version of Netscape? How is it...any better than the previous versions (It has to be!). I cant find many reviews or anything and I'd rather hear some opinions before trying it out for myself. Thanks in advance!

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    It's got the Mozilla engine under it and so far it seems to have quite the attention right now. There are some things that didn't pass were things like cookies in emails and whatnot but then again it's RC 1.0 so it's got a while.

    Download.com has an informal review (that's where I got the cookie thing from) here:
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    Call me skeptical, but I really can't see the benefits of the Netscape branded Mozilla browsers.

    As far as I can tell, they just ship Mozilla with some nasty "extras" which they bundle and force you to go to their site etc.

    Why use NS 7 etc when you can have Galeon, Mozilla itself or some of the other decent gecko browsers?

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    I tried Netscape 7, too and I think its not worth to download.

    IMO its the same like Netscape 6.

    Tabbed browsing is already possible with Opera since a long time.
    Quick launge is included since version 6.
    The integrated AIM got some new functions, now it can do the same like the
    standard AIM - great...
    I dont need an integrated download manger, I already use GetRight.
    I think only the integration of the web radio on basis of the real player
    is nice thing but this is no reason for me to use Netscape.

    Nice try Netscape

    If I want to use an alternative browser I prefer Opera,
    it has also problems with dynamic html, java script and css
    but its much faster and its got better performance as any browser
    I know.

    I think Opera is worth to buy as I did.

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    hey you forgot the 'best' Opera feature -> Mouse Gestures

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    Originally posted here by VictorKaum
    hey you forgot the 'best' Opera feature -> Mouse Gestures
    I'm sorry but what means Mouse Gestures
    My English isnt very good, please can you explain this words to me

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    hmm... my English is not very well either.

    Mouse Gestures means that you can access certain common command just by doing a certain "move" with your mouse. Like holding you right mouse button and moving left will (by default) do the same as pressing the back button of your browser. Holding right button and moving right will do the same as pressing forward button... and etc... those things are mouse gestures...

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    Thank you

    Now I understand what you mean.

    Hmm... I never used these features really... will try it

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