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Thread: Exclude from frontpage

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    Exclude from frontpage

    Can the site have an option to in- or exclude threads in the front page, on a thread-by-thread basis? I'd really like to see some offtopic threads removed from the front page, since that's the main viewport I use to look at the forums.

    It would be great to let the moderators be able to exclude some posts without actually closing them - maybe you can even trow in an option in the new thread template options, right next to "Show Signature" and "Hide this post." Public opinion modding (much like slashdot) or modding influence according to antipointlevel (etc, etc) would be a nice bonus, but I'd settle for some good options for our current moderators.
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    Every once and a while I see a Role Call thread on the frontpage, and that simply is not necessary. Also can the web development threads be put on the frontpage?
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    I think you should be able to choose what forums are present on the home page, because there's a lot of forums (e.g. Honey Pot discussions) that I rarely, if ever, visit. Also, I agree that there's little point in role call topics being on the front page, because you can't reply to topics in that forum (unless you're a moderator or admin). I also agree that Web Development threads should be on the front page, since this is probably the forum that I am most interested in and have the most expertise in as well.
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