ok so i been a memebr for ages adn i have not posted over 100 post...my bad wot can i say i have so many things going on...bleh...ok for those of u who dont know me i am Emrys a 17 year old Oracle / highschool student i finally get to take my SQL industry exam to get my little paper saying i know something on tuesday the 28 of may so w00t i also am a Cisco student or atleasy my school is paying for the access to the web site i really dont have time ...i am an active memebr of Cyberarmy which is a great online comunity come by www.cyberarmy.com it is kinda down atm but soon it will be back up hosting is a big problem cuz of finacial reason u know the usual. well there i am a top lvl c/o on privacy issues i tackle problems like carnivore(visious monster that it is) spy ware, spam and other anti privacy software or code which annoys ppl to hell...atm CA and my group are under a large reconstructure adn well to make my ramble short(er) pm me if ya need anything or u just want to tlak about something useful for once :0...peace