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Thread: Favorite server room racks?

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    Favorite server room racks?

    Hey, I'm (re-)organising our server room, and I'm looking for affordable (heh..) cool looking racks for my servers. I'm not looking for the rackmount kind but rather the shelf-like kind of rack... I have arround 8 to 10 mid and full tower servers plus 2-3 19' 1U rackmount devices to fit as well as one console...

    Any suggestions?

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    I personally love InterMetro racks. They are completely customizable and interchangable (including mounts for rackmount servers). Also, if you can't afford the official InterMetro racks, there are plenty of companies that sell the exact same racks for less. Check out www.intermetro.com for the official site. If you want alternatives, PM me and I'll give you some other links.


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