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Thread: News: Soul for Sale on eBay

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    News: Soul for Sale on eBay

    A lot of odd things are for sale on the internet - but a soul may be among the oddest. Read it here. I don't usually go for this sort of stuff but this is pretty whacky .
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    i think someone tried to auction their virginity once.. i'll see if i can find the link to it.

    and no, it wasn't me.

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    yeah your right it wasnt you hehe cause it was me no one took me up on the offer dammit hehe btw that was a jk you know you laugh at it..... damn im bored yeah the internet is full of stufff like that like AO selling punkin i think he went for about $20000 at last watch heheh but you have to wonder if you win and dont get it who gets the blame the company or the seller....? interesting

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    get it right AO didnt sell punkin I SOLD PUNKIN... i sold him for i think something like 75k USD wich Louie still owes me... but louie gave him to brad and JP to add to their art collection (punkins obviously abstract)

    that was definately a funny little prank

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    I don't know what's funnier, the fact that someone was trying to sell their soul or that people were actually bidding on it. *LOL*

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    Yeah, it's prolly a rip off. Who wants a slimy used
    soul anyway. Who's to say he hasn't already sold it before
    to some (unnamed) Dark Lord?
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    heh did anyone hear about the dyslexic devil worshipers??
    they sold their souls to santa!


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    *looks at van, backsa way slowly * just dont make any sudden movements...
    haha jk, wait how do u recieve a soul!!?!?! i think i should go bd just for laughs

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    I sold my cousin my soul for a dollar when I was 12. (sucker)
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    Now, one time only, you can buy a jar containing a piece of the boulder that was rolled in front of the tomb of Jesus Christ!
    Or, if you prefer, I have a piece of metal from the Hindenburg...
    This brick is a very special brick - it came from the Berlin Wall... and... well, it's signed by Adolf Hitler!!!!

    Some people are sooooooo easy to part with their money.


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