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    Wink d-link residential gateway

    i bought a d-link gateway/router a couple weeks ago from best buy. it is setup where i can use the internet for multiple computers, but the only way i could do this was to allow the router to supposedly "use" the mac address of the network card in one of my machines. i am on time warner cable service and can hook up any computer individually to use the internet. any ideas why the internet will only work with the router using the mac address of one of my ethernet cards? also, are there any security issues i need to worry about in doing this? i'm not too knowledgeable about computer security, but pretty interested.

    also, i'm fairly new to the site, but so far i really enjoy it.

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    is it the dlink 704?

    The security questions well I suggest www.cert.org, www.google.com and the d-link site for updates and patches

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    your cable service has made sure that only your computer with your networ card's MAC adress can be used on your account, read your ISP's terms of service too.

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    Well, I'm not sure of what kind of service you have with Time Warner but I have business class static preferred (3mb/1mb down/up). I have the DLink DI704 and I have it set as follows:

    Cable modem (UBR Cisco 4 port everything) port 1 hooked to the DLink.
    DLink is set up with all the information, including DNS, domain, subnet, gateway, and static IP.
    DLink has DHCP turned OFF.

    All other four machines are hooked to the DLink and given static IPs in the range with the DLink listed as the gateway (, the DNS information also listed in each machine (DNS servers, rr.com as the domain, some random hostname for the machine).

    This works for me, you might try it. Email me at kellert@tampabay.rr.com if you need more help.
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    That's what I meant when the ISP is verifying the mac address of my ethernet card. What I am wondering is I can hook up my connection to any computer with any ethernet card...so why does it matter if there is a router there? Both ethernet have different mac addresses just as the router does. Does it not have a mac address also?

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