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Thread: TCP/IP Network Administration...

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    TCP/IP Network Administration...

    3rd edition, Craig Hunt, a good old O'Reilly book. Good reading so far. I have learned quite a bit about how the actual protocol works. I'm fixing to start Chapter 5, which includes configuring the kernel. This is geared for Unix/Linux admins, though. Anyone else read this one?

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    nope but can anyone tell me what whois++ is?
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    65> Never read the whole thing, but the parts I have read are pretty good. It gets really in depth, covers a lot of information, and its pretty well written.

    Mucolaca> RFC 1835 covers whois++... also see 1834, 1913, 1914, 2957. and 2958. Basically, its :
    a distributed database protocol for networked data collections. It provides consolidated query access to information such as white pages or yellow pages data dispersed across a large number of servers. It was developed to be backward compatible with the earlier WHOIS protocol, which it extends with options such as the use of multiple languages and character sets, more advanced search expressions, structured data and optional authentication. Structured data of any type can reside under a WHOIS++ server.
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    Yeah, that series is a good "primer" to TCP/IP, I must say..

    If you're up for more "meat," though... check out the god of tcp/ip, Stevens - I'm only sorry that he's no longer with us, though he did give us some rather amazing references.
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