Pleased to need you!

I am here on out known as Rev Jazzman. My computer skills are well rounded, but not well versed. I, on the other hand, am well versed but not well rounded.

I snuck away from Windows two years ago (got tired of the crashes), and wanted to experiment... I started with FreeBSD and just decided to stay with it. Hey... Why mess up a good thing, right? (two years, and no crashes! Woohoo!)

Anyway... While learning FreeBSD, my eyes were opened to the wonderful world of networking... Fascinating stuff!

I enjoy writing, preaching, smoking, programming, and strong coffee... Although the least of my skills is probably found in programming.

My hope is that this will continue my learning experience. Perhaps after a while, I'll have the opportunity and pleasure of being able to return the same type of wisdom that I gain...