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Thread: BSD or linux?

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    If you're planning on making a LAN with the same OS, use BSD. It's powerful, can handle lots of traffic, etc. If you're just planning on using a home computer, then get Linux. Although a Linux network can be fun...


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    Originally posted here by ExEleven
    Some people say that Windows is more secure than Linux just from the number of exploits found
    in linux compared to windows. They are wrong... Most Windows Expoits dont require all of the services open. Linux users like me are geeks and like an Open SSH port and a http port.... A windows box with a simple ping port open (9) can be D0Ses easily...
    Well, first of all, I believe port 9 is discard. Most systems shouldn't have a problem on that particular port, operating/running the default service. Also, most UN*X boxes, including Linux, can be easily DoS'd with any service running out of inetd (and even some that aren't).

    Also, please note that MicroSoft is largely of the "non disclosure" camp. So many of their exploits are never announced unless someone posts it to vuln-dev, ntbugtraq or bugtraq or similiar. So, that further alters perceptions one way or another.

    Overall, it's all relative - especially in the case of Mac vs. Windows vs. Linux (and probably even further). OS' seem to be largely a matter of preference and have the nasty habit of becoming the subject matter of holy wars (commonly called "OS Wars"). In any case, as many others have said, it's not what you use but that it suits your needs and objectives. It's a further bonus that it's capable of being hardened to the point where it is relatively secure. But they are all broken in some form or another... some just have much better track records than others. Attribute them to responsible programming, responsive developers, or just "too many coders" or what-have-you. They all suck, some just suck less.
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